Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chipmunks' Labor Day Special

While on my way to the Berkey Creamery with Eden, Lisa, and Richard on Monday, we came across a baby chipmunk on the sidewalk. Thinking it was lost, I put it back in the bushes for its mother to find. Unfortunately, we found two more right around the corner, one of which had an open wound. They were old enough that they had their fur and were able to scoot around on the sidewalk, but their eyes weren't open enough to see where they were going. They had all the elements of cuteness: fuzzy, helpless, and tiny with baby proportions! We concluded that their mother had died and they had been driven out by thirst so we gathered them up in my hat and took them to Centre Wildlife Care. My hopes aren't high for the injured one, but I'm sure Robyn and her crew will do their best.

Three orphaned chipmunks in my hat. The wounded one is in the upper-right.

Richard spoke with Robyn and she said that two of the chipmunks died the first day and the third died unexpectedly a few days later. She said that was surprising since they had good luck with baby chipmunks in the past. So it goes.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tigh for president

Now that the presidential candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties have been finalized, I would like to take a moment to officially announce The Skeptical Chemist's endorsement of a candidate: Saul Tigh.

Looking at the tough issues that face our nation, I feel that Tigh's experience as a veteran of the Cylon war and leader of the fleet makes him the most qualified candidate. I'm confident that the people will agree and elect Tigh in spite of the main-stream media's libelous attempts to assassinate his character by suggesting that he might be a secret Cylon.